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Terry Larder's book - 'Essential Kinesiology Techniques for Muscle Testing Practitioners'

270 pages packed full of information. This book is designed for experienced kinesiologists and is the text book used by KA Tutors to teach the KA Diploma Course.

"Terry Larder is a truly knowledgeable and enthusiastic kinesiology practitioner and teacher.
So, it is no surprise that she's created such a detailed and comprehensive book, bringing together
a lot of kinesiology knowledge into a practical and easily accessible reference work. Kinesiology
practitioners and teachers will be referring to this definitive manual for many years to come."

Jane Thurnell-Read

"Despite increasing popularity and media coverage, kinesiology remains a somewhat arcane subject and an undervalued therapy, with few books available to illuminate its inner workings. Terry is an experienced holistic practitioner and committed proponent of kinesiology who utilizes it to its full potential in her own flourishing practice. She is endowed with a deep understanding of kinesiological principles and has a natural ability to teach, having already founded the Classical School of Kinesiology, so her valuable insights in the form of this delightful monograph are particularly welcome. This is undoubtedly a remarkable resource that will be cherished for years to come by students and seasoned practitioners alike."

Sherridan L. Stock BSc (Hons) CBiol FRSB FZS FRES Dip. ASK

PDF of sample pages

The Author:
In 1981 Terry became a natural healthcare practitioner and has used kinesiology and naturopathy in her practice since 1987. She founded the Classical Kinesiology Institute (CKI) in 1990 where, for 25 years, she taught diploma courses in naturopathic-based Kinesiology. Although she now claims to be semi-retired, she runs postgraduate courses and has a clinic at the Kinesiology Centre in Leicester (CKI), England. She is a former Chair and Executive Committee member of the UK's Kinesiology Federation and
throughout her career has lectured in specialised kinesiology techniques nationwide as well as in the USA, Russia and Japan. She has appeared on UK national television and in the national press on a number of occasions.

Video about the Diploma Kinesiology book

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